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01 August 2013 @ 08:50
abb: an angel and a werewolf [g]  



  • made for disturbinglynic's angelic_bigbang story, An Angel and a Werewolf.
    When Derek was fifteen, his guardian angel, Stiles, saved his entire family.
    Stiles had paid for that decision. Other angels are jealous of the close relationship that he has with Derek
    and they want Derek as their own charge. Derek has been trying to convince Stiles to fall and to stay with
    Derek so that Derek can protect him. Derek has a secret though. He's in love with Stiles and has been for a
    few years now. Things change for Derek and Stiles when Stiles comes to Derek after the most vicious attack yet.
  • screencaps from Home of the Nutty and Tyler Hoechlin Fan.
  • stock from The U.S. National Archives.
  • texture from Favim.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.