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STBB: The Siren's Song [G]

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  • made for psyko_kittie's startrekbigbang story, The Siren’s Song.
    In the summer of 1914, Pavel Chekov was lead male ballet dancer for Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes—Russian’s most premiere ballet company outside its borders.

    And for the most part, Pavel was content to spend his nights dancing across the stages of Europe, even though he secretly dreamed of the stars—reading every book and journal article he could get his hands on. Yet that all changed when a stranger saved his life on a busy London Street.

    Now Pavel must make the choice between doing right by his parents or following where his heart was leading him… to a loud-mouth Scotsman, who could make human flight possible.
  • images from The U.S. National Archives [1] [2], [3], Florida Memory, National Library NZ, & State Library Queensland.
  • textures from tanja92.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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mbb: no fear of heights [g]

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  • made for obsessionality's marvel_bang story, No Fear of Heights [LJ] | [AO3].
    Maria Hill is the Assistant Director of SHIELD, a high-flying member of a high-flying covert agency, whose friends and colleagues could, and often
    did take off, into flight. But while most of them come from similar, if exceptional, military backgrounds, not all of them have the same story.
    This story is about Maria Hill, her history, and the price you have to pay for finding acceptance, when you belong to a high-flying, high-risk
    super secret organisation like SHIELD.

    Tony Stark's not wrong, entirely. You do have to be a certain type of messed up, to find a home in SHIELD, or any similar intelligence agency.
    Normal people did not thrive in places where sex-change forms were a normal thing and re-writing Wills was a monthly business. Maria Hill
    always thought she was the exception. She always thought she was pretty normal, compared to the rest of the lot. She wasn't. But while
    Stark wasn't wrong, he wasn't exactly right, either. SHIELD is like the ocean; what it taketh away, it often giveth back, with upgrades.
  • screencaps from Cinema Squid and
  • I don't recall where I took the images from, but if anyone knows the sources, please let me know.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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dcbb: chasing the starlight [g]

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  • made for mira_sisko's deancasbigbang story, Chasing the Starlight.
    Dean Winchester never thought he was good at much; so it was a pretty big leap when he joined Starfleet Academy at 18, graduated
    with honors, and became a Captain in record time. 11 years later in the year 2380, Dean must deal with the biggest threat to
    the Alpha Quadrant - The Borg King Lucifer. Dean finds himself on the precipice of death again and again and must face his own
    mortality, as well as the mortality of those he holds most dear. He comes face to face with the fact that no Starfleet Officer
    is safe, not even his Vulcan-Betazoid best friend and Chief Medical Officer, Castiel.
  • screencaps from Home of the Nutty and Screen Musings.
  • stock from fantmayo.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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Yuletide Letter 2013

Thank you in advance for whatever you plan on writing for me! & I’m really excited that you’re writing a fic in one of my requested fandoms. The fact that we share fandoms automatically makes you Awesome.
[Please do not include the following]
Rather than provide a convoluted list of things I enjoy reading, here is a general list of things I would really rather not have included in the fic you write for me:
  • incest
  • explicit underage sexual activity
  • mpreg
  • schoomp
  • PWP
  • non-con
  • infidelity
  • character bashing
  • unexplained OoCness

  • Avoid those and you’re Golden.

    In this post I’ve also included my optional details and more information on them. As the section title implies, none of these are obligatory, they’re just ideas that I thought might help.

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    If any of this sounds dauntingly precise, just remember that they’re more like guidelines. Feel free to alter anything that you think might hinder your creativity, or if you have another plot idea, feel free to disregard this post all together. I don’t want you to feel limited in what you can write, so let me just state that the order of this list, or length of each section in no way reflects a preference of one fandom over the other; I love them all equally. This is supposed to be a fun challenge, so don’t stress & enjoy it. To be honest, I’m just excited that someone is taking the time to write a fic for me, so I’ll be overly-happy with anything you write.
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DMB: Film on Loop [G]

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  • made for hopesuffocating's debriel_mini story, Film on Loop.
    Dean works job-to-job, meandering his way across the States. His brother's at college,
    his dad's in South Dakota- or, he was last time Dean checked- and Dean works alone,
    never stays too long in one place. Things begin to change when he applies to work in
    Just Desserts, a candy shop in a town in Texas.
  • screencaps from Home of the Nutty and Ace of Speight.
  • Images from Keene Public Library, The US National Archives [1] & [2].
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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vbb: the anatomy of a fall [g]

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  • made for obsessionality's villainbigbang story, The Anatomy of a Fall [AO3] [LJ].
    Loki learns what it means to fall from grace, and what it feels like to truly have nothing left to lose. There are reasons for everything he does; he is not a mindless beast who acts on only instinct. He is a creature of logic, and rationality. Still, he does not know why he tried so hard to fit in. In hindsight, he was a fool to have bet his entire self-worth on figuring out what he was doing wrong, when the truth was that it really wasn't him, this time.

    The five stages of the Kübler-Ross model of grief, mapped neatly on to the physical and scientific description of free-fall.
  • textures from yunhojaejoong and behindmylove.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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sfbb: adaptation [g]

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  • made for camfield's scifibigbang story, Adaptation.
    With the introduction of VR game goggles/helmets comes the decline of the arcade. It goes from kids playing after school to
    the retro junkies. Hipsters. Passers by. Nostalgics. Litwick finally has to face the facts, that no one is interested in
    an arcade that still features 8bit games. Within the capability for the machine to write and remember certain bits of data,
    it also creates shadows of the characters. Trapped within the memory of high scores and such, leaking back out and
    integrating into a character’s code.

    In staving off memories that they don’t fully understand, Felix and Ralph search for understanding and solstice
    in the things they do have. Existence.
  • screencaps from Disney Screencaps.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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cmbb: close your eyes, pretend to fly [g]

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  • made for that_1_incident's cm_bigbang story, Close Your Eyes, Pretend to Fly.
    As the proprietress of Penny's, unquestionably the best coffeehouse in Quantico, Virginia, California transplant Penelope Garcia relishes her role as bright, carefree hostess while almost entirely divorcing herself from her past. When Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan walks into her life with his high-stress career in the FBI and own personal tragedy in the rearview mirror, her barriers begin to break down amid Doctor Who posters, unsubs, macarons, and exploding ambulances. But opening up to Morgan - and, by extension, to his colleagues in the Behavioral Analysis Unit - is not without its difficulties, and only time will tell whether Penelope is truly up to the challenge.
  • screencaps from Kirsten Vagsness Fans.
  • textures from OumBoJae and Rosebein.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.
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abb: an angel and a werewolf [g]

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  • made for disturbinglynic's angelic_bigbang story, An Angel and a Werewolf.
    When Derek was fifteen, his guardian angel, Stiles, saved his entire family.
    Stiles had paid for that decision. Other angels are jealous of the close relationship that he has with Derek
    and they want Derek as their own charge. Derek has been trying to convince Stiles to fall and to stay with
    Derek so that Derek can protect him. Derek has a secret though. He's in love with Stiles and has been for a
    few years now. Things change for Derek and Stiles when Stiles comes to Derek after the most vicious attack yet.
  • screencaps from Home of the Nutty and Tyler Hoechlin Fan.
  • stock from The U.S. National Archives.
  • texture from Favim.
  • made in GIMP 2.8.